Friday, June 15, 2012


This is an initial post for our group.   It seems that everyone has a web presence and I decided to give it a whirl and see what we could do.  

I have started with a few links to places that may be of help to anyone who is interested in Genealogical Research.  I have no ideas of who and what we will post, perhaps it will just be a site with our name or perhaps it will grown into a place where everyone in our group can post topics about their family history.

There are a few other ideas I have in setting up this blog.  I would like to have a place for our members to post the names of our ancestors we are following.

We are not able to do research requests because we are a small group and not equipped to  do that.  I am also considering a Facebook presence.   I will just have to see how and where it goes.

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