Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Last evening was the meeting of the NORTH HILLS GENEALOGIST    They usually have have great meetings and the meetings are open to the public, you need not be a member. 

The topic was “ What’s New At Family Search?”    The title sounded uneventful and I did not plan to go but I did and am I glad.   The speaker was Shelli Nye, who is a member of the North Hills group and is a member of the LDS Church.   She also works at the LDS Family History Center Church in Cranberry.

BYU LIBRARY SITES which is a link to the Brigham Young University Library, which is different from the LDS Library in Salt Lake City.    If you click on the link it takes you to a site with massive resources.  The Pay sites ($$$$) you have to be in the library to access them.   You could spend a day searching this site and I will put the link under resources.

The main topic was What’s New,  I had no idea what was in the works.   Family Search is working on a Family Tree which they hope to debut this fall.   Members of the LDS Church as well as non members are permitted to submit their Family Trees and enter the information.   The plan is to coordinate trees with all users and you should be able to find other people who are also claiming ancestors to the same person.   You may be able to contact them if the person who submitted the information gave permission to share.

People who are still living will not be visible due to privacy considerations,  you can designate someone to be able to view your information.

What is required is your registration and password.  If you have done research or indexing you will already have your ID and password, which now will be used throughout the system.   This looks very exciting and I am waiting its debut.   You can send Shelli an email at   cranberryfhc@ 

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