Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I was planning on talking about a few websites at our next meeting and decided to post a few  You Tube Videos on how to do that.  Then I will also know how many of you really read this  blog.  Dropbox is a software program for adding your folders.   I use mine only for Genealogy and it is synced with my smart phone, you can also sync it with any of your other devices such a a table computer. This saves me from lugging many papers and folders when I research.

The first is a basic  HOW TO GET SSTARTED. video.   I posted this link because every time I Google Dropbox it takes me to my account, it recognizes my computer.  Here is a second selection if you can not understand the first or the British accent,HOW TO GET STARTED SECOND CHOICE.  The basis program is FREE.


The basic of how to use EVERNOTE   and then how to expand on the usage and things  you can do is next.

EVERNOTE…Here is a link to a series of  HOW TO USE EVERNOTE   Seven videos are listed to get you into the meat of the use of this FREE program.  I read another Blog where the author used the program  instead of a research paper, she wrote on her computer what she searched and found while at the repository.  

With EVERNOTE  you can set up NOTEBOOKS and fill a notebook up with “notes”  this is a folder of sort inside a folder called Notebook.  You can add clickable links, pictures, blog posts and I have used this for Find A Grave link plus some Blog links to posts filled with information I had written a few years back.    I also only use this for Genealogy but the uses are endless with this software.

Another item I found this week and download it to my iPhone is the app for FIND A GRAVE, only if all the graves were at this site life would be Nirvana.  You can also post photos and there is a feature call Web Clipper but I have not used that feature yet.

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